Lemon tarts are one of my favorite desserts and invoke childhood memories of visiting Calcutta and having tea at the Calcutta Club. Later trips were met with lemon tarts from Kookie Jar which served little tarts that were impossible to find in the States when I was young. A classic lemon tart is probably both my mother's and father's favorite dessert. They are buttery and silky, bursting with citrus flavor and perfectly sweet with a shortbread crust. Over the years I've tried a few recipes but am now settled on Cook's Illustrated which is essentially flawless (once I cut back on the sugar). Of course no two lemons are created equal and the quality of your lemons are essential.

I've made this dish more times than I can count yet I've never taken the time to blog the recipe. I find myself writing quick Facebook posts when I'm in the mood to share a recipe, or sharing an Instagram story of what I'm making for dinner, but don't find the time to blog anymore. I am going to try and make more of an effort to write up recipes on this blog that my family has come to love because I love being able to refer back to them and love having them organized in one place.

Where has baked gnocchi been all my life?  Do you ever find a recipe and wonder how you could have gone so long without having made it? The instant I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it. Kale, pesto, sausage, gnocchi and cheese - how could anything that involves all of that not be a home run? Braised kale with pasta is probably the dish I make most often and this was a cheesy, decadent version of that.

At some point during my third pregnancy I got a massive craving for chocolate pudding pie - something my mom used to make with a graham cracker crust. Cravings were hard to fulfill while I was busy with two other kids and I remember it took me several days before I was able to gather the ingredients, find the time to assemble it and then wait patiently for it to set in the fridge. That was one heavily first slice.

These homemade nuggets are crunchy. And satisfying for growing, hungry kids that I swear I do nothing but feed, all, day, long. I first dredged the chicken in farina (cream of wheat), then dipped in egg, and then did one last coating in panko. You can bake them but I prefer a pan fry. If you have any left over they reheat really well on a panini press lined with foil or a warm pan which will bring back the crunch.

It's been so long since I've posted a recipe.  I have so many stories to share and recipes to write about but I'm not particularly in a writing mood I just really want you to make this hot fudge sauce before summer is over.  It will make your family and friends so incredibly happy.  I love how bitter and dark yet creamy it tastes.  It's silky smoothy but perfectly sticky and just how you want hot fudge to be.

Oh what??  A blog post?  Do people even blog anymore?  Or are Instagram posts enough these days?  I've certainly fallen off the face of the earth but for some completely valid reasons.  My camera broke for starters, which was tragic.  We tried to get it repaired but in the end it was just as economical to purchase a new one.  Also, I'm expecting, and I had the worst morning sickness ever.  It lasted well beyond the first trimester, and only around 20 weeks did I start finally feeling better.

This recipe is for a very large batch of meat sauce that you can use for a variety of dishes.  It's not your traditional bolognese though I take some of the techniques from the one I use.  This meat sauce came out of the need to cook something for my kids with ground beef.  While they both eat plenty of vegetables I like a one pot meal where I can include lots of veggies, and so this is more like a goulash or a stew.

Ohmyword, this cake.  Pour yourself a tall glass of cold milk (or a cappuccino), cut yourself a piece, and all your worries will melt away.  I mean, not all, but if you already live a life of privilege and your biggest worry is your broken dryer, then they will.  We really need to bring this kind of old school, yellow birthday cake back in style.  I think the boxed versions ruined it for us all.  I don't really understand boxed cake mix.

Everyone has their favorite roast chicken recipe and this one happens to be mine, so I thought I would share.  I roast a chicken once a week and it never lasts long enough.  Just like my daughter did at his age, my son loves it fresh out of the oven. I love having it for sandwiches for myself and the kids for lunch or playdates.  Sometimes it's dinner, freshly carved on a warm croissant with some mustard, pesto, arugula and lately, some tomatoes.