I'm not sure why I'm calling these Larabars since I've never had a Larabar but that's what everyone else on the Internets are calling them, so there you are.  These are very similar to these coconut energy balls I had made, in fact you could simply shape this mixture into balls instead.  On a side note, I remember when I was young, family and friends would bring Medjool dates back from trips abroad and they would be such a treat.  Then Middle Eastern stores started popping up and we could get them there.  Now, they're at Trader Joe's.  How things have changed.  Also, if you add some ghee and milk to this recipe you've basically got date halwa, which Pakistanis have been making for, well, forever.  But back to the Larabars, there are so many varieties you can try at home.

I've been on a big risotto kick lately, not sure why.  Perhaps the cold, wet weather, but I could really crave risotto anytime.  I used to hate making risotto but then at some point something shifted and I didn't mind it.  I suppose once you've made something several times it becomes easier and more manageable.  Except for quiche.  I'll never be good at making quiche.  The best part of asparagus risotto is the asparagus, in season now, so go pick some up and make this comforting dish soon.

A good veggie burger can be hard to find.  This, my friends, is a good veggie burger.  I love that they have a crunch to them, like falafel, but without being fried, and I love how light yet filling they are.  This recipe is adapted from The Washington Post, and while it is called patties in the recipe, it can be adapted into a hefty burger, or a mini burger, and can be enjoyed many ways.

Is farro the new quinoa?  Does anyone care?  I do love all the whole grain and whole wheat varieties available these days.  Between quinoa, barley, bulgur, millet and farro there are so many textures and tastes to make great dishes from.  The combination of soft and sweet butternut squash with the nutty bite of farro works incredibly well in this dish.

Hello and Happy New Year!  I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted.  I don't know where the time has gone which is a complete lie I know exactly where it's gone.  We moved to a proper house in the suburbs (loving my new kitchen) and I'm now home full-time with two kids, busy cooking for myself and my husband, a toddler and a baby on solids.  Though I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I haven't exactly had time over the past few months to try out new and exciting recipes.

Kid tested, mother approved.  Of all the vegetables, broccoli is definitely my daughter's favorite.  She has been known to snack on an entire bowl of cold, steamed broccoli while we all have a confused look on our faces.  But of course she's also a toddler, which means after I steamed a whole head of broccoli crowns this week she decided she was not that into broccoli.

Your typical peanut butter cookie, but with rich, dark chocolate chunks and a sprinkle of crushed sea salt.  A match made in heaven, with a gourmet taste.  I swear I'm doing more than baking, but I've already shared most all of the summer recipes I've been making.  If you're wondering what I'm doing when I'm not entertaining a toddler, nursing an infant, and maintaining the house, it's making basil pesto, lots and lots of pesto.  And sautéing swiss chard, or looking up a zucchini recipe.

I'm back!  With a bouncing baby boy, and a lot less sleep.  Life is more hectic with a toddler and a newborn, but so far it's been manageable (with lots and lots of help).  Now that the seasonal veggies are becoming more enticing and I've fully recovered I am back in the kitchen, whipping up dishes here and there when I can steal some time.  I decided to make some key limes bars for a BBQ this weekend as my mother in-law recently brought some key limes from Southern California.

I think that's actually a spinach blueberry pop, but you get the idea.  Now that the weather is warmer I'm finding myself preparing cooling treats for my toddler to enjoy after we come in from time outside.  I saw the idea for these frozen Greek yogurt drops on this food blog and loved the concept.  I never buy flavored yogurt because of the additives, but accidentally picked up some honey vanilla the other day, so I turned those into the drops pictured.

These cupcakes scream spring, and they were a lovely addition to an Easter dinner party.  I'll be honest though, this isn't the fastest dessert to whip up, you'll have lots of dirty dishes, and there are a few things I'd change next time.  Of course when you're 8.5 months pregnant and making a dessert for a dinner party perhaps you're just tired and cranky and everything and anything seems like too much effort.  That being said, don't be discouraged, these are fun and delicious and I mean, cake.